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How to Remove Coke from Carpet

How to Remove Coke from Carpet

It’s all fun and games until the soft drink ends up on the carpet! It’s dark brown, sticky and full of sugar: a perfect combination for a sticky stain.

How to Remove a Coca-Cola Stain from Carpet

Electrodry Coke Stain Electrodry Coke Stain

So, what do you do when someone spills coke on the carpet? Don’t stress, with just some soda water and a clean cloth you should be able to get the stain out without much hassle. Just remember, it’s very important to act as soon as the spill occurs. These steps will be most effective on freshly-spilt soft drink, and you may have a harder time if the stain is days old.


  • Soda water

  • Clean white or colourfast towel, or paper towel

  • Warm water

  • Dishwashing liquid

Step 1

Electrodry Coke 3

Use a clean cloth or paper towel to soak up the Coke. Fold the towel over and stand on it, or use the heel of your palm to apply pressure. Keep doing this until no more liquid is being soaked up. In my experiments in the Electrodry lab, there wasn’t much visible staining left after this step. However, with a stain containing sticky, sugary liquid, it is still important to do the next steps so that dirt doesn’t stick to the soft drink residue.

Step 2

Pour some soda water onto a clean cloth, and dab at the affected area using a rolling motion. Don’t rub or scrub at the carpet, or you may just spread the stain. Keep doing this either until there is no more colour transfer onto the cloth, or you have covered the whole affected area.

Electrodry Coke Stain Remove

Step 3

Electrodry How to Remove Coke from Carpet

Mix a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with 1 litre of warm water. Gently sponge the stain to wet the carpet fibres and then blot dry by placing downward pressure on the wet area with a thick absorbent cloth. The dishwashing detergent will help remove any remaining sugar residue thus helping prevent the stain from returning.

If you have the Electro 3 Spot and Stain remover on-hand then you can use this amazing product instead of the dishwashing detergent solution to remove the sugar residue. Simply spray the affected area and wipe in one direction several times and repeat, wiping in the other direction.

Step 4

Speed Drying: To help ensure the stain treatment process doesn’t cause a secondary issue such as water-marking we recommend you dry the area quickly with a pedestal fan of fold a beach towel over several times and place it on the stain with a heavy book on top.

If all goes well, all traces of the Coke will be gone! If you’re dealing with an old stain, or one that’s particularly stubborn, you may need to call in the experts. 

Electrodry’s carpet cleaning technicians use specially-formulated dry-cleaning solutions to remove all kinds of stains. Give us a call on 13 33 79, to get your stain-removal needs sorted.



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