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5 Tip Top Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

5 Tip Top Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

Published on June 3rd, 2019

If you like to avoid chemical-heavy home cleaning products, then you need to know about eucalyptus oil! If you’ve been reading these articles for a while, you might have heard about my love affair with Tea Tree Oil, but did you know that eucalyptus oil also has a stack of home cleaning benefits?

But first, a word of warning: Eucalyptus oil should not be ingested, as even undiluted miniscule amounts can cause illness. We also strongly recommend that you test the product on an inconspicuous area before using it for cleaning, as it may pull colour or erode surfaces. Here are my top 5 uses for eucalyptus oil.

1. De-sticking

Whether it’s a kids’ craft session gone wrong or if you’ve got stubborn stickers on your windows, eucalyptus could be the solution for removing glue, gum or stickers stuck where you don’t want them. A dab of eucalyptus oil on a cloth (ideally microfiber but others will do) works wonders for getting stickers off glass. Need to use it on plastic? Make sure you test in a hidden area first. You can also use the oil to remove water-based glue from carpet with a cloth (full method here). Eucalyptus oil is also super useful for dissolving chewing gum. Keep in mind though, that eucalyptus oil can be harmful to children, so don’t use it to get gum out of your kid’s hair.

2. Kitchen Grease Busting

Grease build-up in the kitchen is notoriously difficult to get rid of. Did you know that eucalyptus oil is also great for dissolving grease? Here’s how to use it to de-grease around the stove and range hood: Add two teaspoons of eucalyptus oil and one teaspoon of washing up liquid to a glass spray bottle of water and shake gently. This mixture is also an effective kitchen spray for cleaning the bench top, sink and microwave. Just make sure you’re putting the mixture into a glass spray bottle as essential oils can erode plastic.

3. Leather Cleaning

Pen or marker on your leather couch or jacket? It doesn’t need to ruin your favourite jacket or recliner - eucalyptus oil should get rid of it! Just put some oil on a cloth and rub at the pen mark. Easy! Remember to test it on a hidden section of the jacket or lounge first, just to be sure it won’t affect the leather.

4. Bug Deterring

Moths and silverfish enter your home through foundation cracks and gaps in the walls or windows, and your pantry and wardrobe are among their favourite places to infest. If you wipe out cupboards with eucalyptus oil, you can deter moths and silverfish from making your home, their home. Let ants know they’re also not welcome by wiping your windowsill or anywhere you see them coming in. Put a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and place it where ants or cockroaches hang out, for a stronger effect. But don’t do this if you have little children or pets who are likely to get into the eucalyptus oil!

5. Germ-Killing

Eucalyptus oil is a natural antibacterial and disinfectant. This makes it great for cleaning the bathroom! Use it in a glass spray bottle to clean the sink, toilet and shower using just a few drops in around 250mls of warm water. It’s also great for getting rid of soap scum!


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