WD40 – A Home Makers Best Friend

I was chatting to an elderly friend of mine a few years ago when she let me into the secret of WD-40, a well-known oil spray that mechanics and farmers lather over there implements to remove rusty nuts and bolts.

My friend had come across WD-40 when looking into alternative treatments for her arthritis, and to my utter astonishment was now oiling her joints to relieve the pain and ease the joints. It sounds ludicrous, but she absolutely swore by it and passionately told me more about this household protector for millions across the globe.

So if you haven’t heard of this miracle worker – listen up, this is no old wives tale.

Tangled jewellery and little time

I like to wear some bling from time to time and have a small box where all my trinkets are stuffed inside. Trouble is that they usually tangled and a nightmare to free especially if the kids have been in there. The secret to easing the knots is to spray a touch of WD-40 on the affected area and it will all unravel with ease.

Swollen fingers and a stuck wedding ring

Two kids, plenty of indulgence and a dislike of exercise means I have gained a kilogram or two over the years. I won’t lie my wedding ring is firmly lodged on and an absolute devil to remove. A quick squirt, an oiled ring and a good old tug – it’s done. Can this modern phenomenon do anything about my added weight?

Lipstick stains and naughty girls

Georgie my youngest is a real little lady, I often find her rummaging through my makeup bag playing “Mum”, lipstick in hand, red marking smudged across her face and stains all around the house. By now I think you getting the idea, don’t panic our champion is coming out to save the day. A few touches of WD-40, let it set then gently clean marks with a sponge and warm soapy water. If that doesn’t work give Electrodry a buzz and they will send out the professionals.

Cockroaches and screaming mums

If you hear a shill shriek, there is a good chance a cockroach had scuttled across my path. These beastly critters have been around since the age of the dinosaurs, and I am told they would survive a nuclear attack. However the tables have turned – WD-40 is not nuclear powered but it works better than any other chemical on the market. I also suggest lubricating your windowsills, frames and screen to keep all those pesky creatures out.

Chewing gum and scary scenes

Imagine the scene, a screaming girl pulling at her hair while her naughty sibling looking on in shock. You guessed correctly – chewing gum tangled in your little ones hair is an adult’s nightmare. Don’t fret no need for scissors– simply spray the gummed up hair, get out your brush and it will disentangle without a problem. Trust me – one day you will thank me for this. 

Now there are plenty of other uses for WD-40, hubby likes to use it on the BBQ, cleans off oil stains on the drive way & will spray it on his boots to make them waterproof. No lies this WD-40 is incredible stuff BUT BE WARNED never try it on silk.

Remember cleanliness is next to godliness and us girls like to make a plan. Over and out till next time – your Electrodry friend.


Jenny Brown is our resident blogger; housewife and mother to two beautiful daughters she looks to share her housekeeping and parenting secrets with her Electrodry friends. If you have any questions or want to share some cleaning stories please email

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