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Mould Is A Silent Killer

Do you suffer from itchy eyes and runny nose, shortness of breath or you just generally feel a little run down? Mould may be the cause of your ill health.  There are over 1000.000 types of identified mould and approximately 5% contain mycotoxins that are poisonous to humans. Long term exposure to other mould types can also illicit harmful allergic reactions.  If you can see mould in your home, you need to effectively treat it.

The Electrodry Mould Cleaning Process

Approved by insurers, Electrodry's unique mould treatment system passes the strictest laboratory tests, yet our process is faster and more affordable than other mould treatment systems


Inspection of Affected Area

Book an inspection to identify the extent of the affected area and scope the required work.  We'll discuss treatment options and provide a written quote.


Measurement of Moisture and Humidity Levels

Moisture and Humidity Measurements are taken: The mould treatment process includes identifying the factors that lead to the initial mould colonisation


Anti-microbial Mould Treatment

Our anti-microbial mould treatment product traces the mould to the moisture source to effectively treat the mould contamination and ensure we get rid of all trace of mould.


Micro-mist Spray to Remove Air-borne Mould

Anti-Microbial Mist is Sprayed to Remove Air-Borne Mould Spores: Our anti-microbial misting treatment removes air-borne mould spores to make sure that it does not grow back.