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Winix Zero+ Pro 5-Stage Air Purifier


Product Description:

The Zero+ Pro 5 Stage Air Purifier features 5 stages of air purification with PlasmaWave® 2.0 Technology (neutralises pollutants with positive and negative ions), dedicated Pet Filter, reactive Triple Smart Sensor, Smart Air Quality Display, Sleep Mode and 4 Fan Speeds with Hospital Grade True HEPA filtration for whole rooms.


  • The Winix ZERO+ PRO 5-Stage is our most powerful air purifier, designed for large, open plan rooms and workplace offices.
  • Captures airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores and household odours.
  • Filters viruses, bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Protect your family against polluted indoor air as well as odours and chemical vapours and gases (VOCs).
  • Provides relief for asthma sufferers and people with other respiratory issues.
  • Perfect for people with pets at home as it effectively neutralises a variety of pet viruses while filtering pet dander and hair.

This high-quality unit is world class, helping you to breathe easier and sleep better. Its energy efficiency is unrivalled, while its features such as a sleep mode (dims its lights and operates quietly) and auto mode make it extremely convenient, too.

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