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Dr Schutz Floor Care Maintenance Kit


Product Description:

With our hard floor care kit, you can safely and effectively clean wood and vinyl floors in just minutes.

This kit contains a highly durable, easy-to-use spray mop, 2 washable cleaning pads and a concentrated cleaning solution with a measured dispenser to make 60 litres of wood floor cleaner. This is enough for over 12 months use in a standard home. Here are some tips for cleaning your wood floors at home.

  1. Always vacuum or sweep before you mop. The mopping process may pick up any loose debris, and be mopped across other areas of the floor, potentially causing scratches. Dust or dirt on an un-swept floor may also be turned to mud during the wet mopping process.
  2. Use minimal water/product when mopping. Your floors should be dry just a minute or two after you mop it.
  3. Clean floors once a week and endeavour to clean spills as soon as they occur.

This cleaner will keep your wood floors in great condition.

Is your wood floor discoloured or waxy, or does it have a lot of scratches? A professional clean may be required. An expert wood cleaner can remove or minimise most scratches, while providing a deep clean that will restore the wood floor look you love.

Product Usage:

Specially developed for finished wooden floors (wood and vinyl).

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