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Tile and Grout Makeovers

Tile and Grout Makeovers

I ran into an Electrodry customer a few weeks ago who said, “I wish I knew about your tile service 5 years ago! The tiled floor in my last house looked so grubby that I decided I either had to rip them up or move house. I chose to move house.” Our team can do some amazing things with tiled floors, particularly by changing the colour of the grout. Here’s a selection of photos that the team has taken on the job.

Tile Cleaning Before and Afters


If you’re wondering what’s involved and how much it costs, then here are the important points:


Tile and Grout Cleaning:


  • Grout is porous, so on most floors it will be much dirtier than the tiles. Getting a great result on the grout is the key to an excellent job.
  • We clean a sample section when we do a quote so that you can see what the results will be like.
  • Ask about our acid wash service to make your floor really pop. The cost is $7-9 per square metre with a minimum price of $275.


Tile and Grout Sealing:


  • The most thorough clean can’t stop a floor getting dirty again.
  • A penetrating sealer will prevent dirt, grease and oil from binding to your grout and tiles, allowing them to be easily cleaned.
  • Porcelain and most other ceramic tiles don’t need to be sealed, but the grout still should be.
  • The price for sealing varies depending on the size of the tiled area and whether we’re sealing the tiles as well as the grout.


Grout Colour Sealing:

  • Changing the colour of your grout can change the look of a room. It’s an amazing makeover without the inconvenience, stress or cost of taking up your tiles.
  • Our penetrating colour sealer binds to the grout, preventing dirt and oil from penetrating into the grout.
  • The sealer comes in a range of 30 colours, from white, to champagne to black.
  • We can do a sample section when we quote your tiles so that you can visualise the results and choose your colour.
  • Guaranteed for 10 years, or 5 years in wet areas like bathrooms


Looking to makeover your floors? Ask us for a free quote now. Contact us via or call 13 33 79



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