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The hot new thing in dining chairs!

The hot new thing in dining chairs!

Polyester is Back!

To set the scene, our family has been looking for a new set of dining chairs. We’ve got two kids - a two-year-old and a four-year-old, and they are both experts at turning their food into modern art - all over the kitchen.

My wife and I spent some time looking at dining settings, and soon found something we both liked. They were a white fabric and looked classy and comfortable. Perfect! But then reality hit me, and I thought about the mess the kids would make of the fabric chairs. I've been an upholstery cleaner for 20 years, so memories came back to me of trying to clean kids' spills off white linen dining chairs for customers. It's a fairly impossible task!

So when I asked the salesman what fabric was on the chairs, I expected the answer to be linen. But what he said surprised me: “Just about everything in the store (Harvey Norman) is polyester!” So, when my wife asked, “Is that good?” my response was, “Bloody Fantastic!”


For years I recommended that our customers stay away from fabric dining chairs and stick with leather, plastic or wood. The old polyester fabrics were rough and tough or felt like plastic. The most comfortable fabrics were cotton or linen and they simply stain too easily! Technology is changing quickly in the world of fabrics and now high-quality manufacturers like Warwick are bringing out fabrics that look and feel almost the same as linen, but are very easy to keep clean.

These are some of our favourite fabrics and designs for polyester dining chairs:

The Mario Dining Chair

I never thought I'd consider white dining chairs while having kids in the house!

The Hold Dining Chair

A little funky, very comfy.

Horton Dining Chair

A little more elegant but still very comfy.

If you’re in the market for dining chairs, fabric is back on the menu.

If you do have polyester fabric dining chairs, keep in mind that polyester is much more resilient than linen, but permanent staining may still occur over time without regular cleaning. Here’s my maintenance tips:

3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Chairs Stain-Free

1. Have a good quality Spot and Stain Remover on hand and use it whenever spills occur.  

2. For bigger spills, gently sponge the fabric with a mixture of warm water with a dash of dish-washing detergent, then dry the fabric by placing downward pressure on a thick cloth absorbent towel. Repeat the process until the spill is removed. Do not rub the spill from side to side. 

3. Regular professional upholstery cleaning is important to flush out the soils and stains and prevent permanent staining. Professional cleaning also treats the germs and bacteria in the fabric. Electrodry's cleaning solutions have Heathguard built in, so our cleaning process effectively treats bacteria. We also offer additional treatments that keep the germs and bacteria away for up to 6 months.

Having dining chairs cleaned is quite affordable. It only costs $10 - $15 per chair. To find out more, give us a call on 13 33 79.

My wife and I are still on the fence with a couple of options for our dining setting. We've narrowed it down, and all of our finalists for dining settings have polyester upholstered chairs!


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