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The 10 Minute, All-Natural Kitchen Cleaning Challenge

The 10 Minute, All-Natural Kitchen Cleaning Challenge

Published on March 12th, 2019

Does a clean kitchen in just 10 minutes sound too good to be true? Like most people, I’m pretty time poor and the idea of getting the kitchen sparkling in a matter of minutes is definitely appealing! In my research, I’ve come across some really handy – and quick - tricks to make cleaning the kitchen naturally a breeze. By combining some of these tips, you can make the most of your housework time.

I tried the challenge out at home and finished everything with not a second to spare. How will you go?

What You Need



Lemon, cut into half


Coconut Oil

Glass spray bottle (in it, measure out an equal parts vinegar and water solution with a few drops of essential oil, to save yourself some time).

Microwave Safe Bowl

Dishwasher Safe Cup

Large plastic bowl, with equal parts vinegar and water mix.

How to Quickly Clean Your Kitchen

Grab any glassware with hard water stains and the dirty chopping boards out of the cupboard. Remove all distractions. Start the Clock.

0:00 Sanitise your sponges by soaking them in water before putting them in the microwave for 2 minutes. Make sure you wait a further 2 minutes before getting them out.

0:30 While your sponges are ‘cooking’, fill the kettle with equal parts vinegar and water (I added a bit of lemon to mine) and turn it on.

1:30 Sprinkle salt on one of the lemon halves and scrub your chopping boards. Rinse down. For wooden varieties, coat with coconut oil to help protect and preserve the board.

3:00 Gently place any glassware with hard water stains into the plastic bowl with the vinegar and water mix. They should only need to be in there for a couple of minutes.

5:00 Take your sponges out of the microwave and replace with a bowl of water with half a lemon. Run the microwave for another 2 minutes.

6:00 Empty the kettle. Refill it with just water and switch on again to rinse out the vinegar.

7:00 Fill a dishwasher safe cup with vinegar, place it in an empty dishwasher on the top rack and run a hot cycle.

8:30 Use oven mitts or a tea towel while you’re taking your lemon/water bowl out of the microwave. Wipe the inside of the microwave down.

9:00 Grab your pre-made vinegar spray and use this last minute to spray all of your surfaces down before wiping clean.

10:00 Marvel at your clean kitchen!

You will have to put your shiny, new glassware into the dishwasher once, for the rinse cycle but other than that, job done! In just 10 minutes, you’ve cleaned a couple of your most used appliances, sanitised your surfaces and your sponges, renewed chopping boards and valuable glassware, and freshened up your dirty dishwasher as well. Winning!

Why should I be using natural cleaners?

What’s great about this 10-minute housework blitz is that it does away with commercial cleaners and potentially harsh chemicals, while still doing a phenomenal job.

Vinegar and lemon are fantastic to use around the kitchen because while completely natural, they also contain antibacterial properties. Basically, they’re great at targeting germs. Vinegar also does a great job of neutralising foul odours, something that the kitchen can be known for!

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