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How to Remove a Pet Wee Odour

How to Remove a Pet Wee Odour

As the saying goes, “Accidents happen!”. Those accidents just seem to happen more often in winter when our pets spend more time inside.

The one thing worse than pet-wee stains is pet-wee smells. They’re pungent, they linger and just when you think you’ve gotten rid of them, on a damp day they come back stronger than ever. 

Here’s the good and the bad news when it comes to pet wee odours:


- Depending on what the animal has consumed, if the urine is left in the carpet for a long period of time, the urine stain may oxidise the carpet dye changing the colour of the carpet and creating a permanent stain

- If the animal has returned to the same spot on multiple occasions, then urine will penetrate to the underlay and possibly the sub-floor. If this has occurred, then you will need a professional carpet cleaner who specialises in urine odour removal.


- If you act fast you can prevent both the pet wee stain and the pet-wee odour.

- If the animal has gone to a spot just once or twice, the odour can usually be treated and permanently removed, even if the wee has dried.

Act Fast!

It’s much easier to remove all traces of the urine if we get to the stain when it’s fresh. For fresh stains try these steps

1. Blot with a towel.

2. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid in warm water, cleanse affected area and then dry by placing an absorbent towel on the stain whilst standing on it to add pressure.

3. I recommend using a safe carpet cleaning solution to ensure all traces of the urine are removed. Something like the Electro 3 Spot and Stain Removal product works a treat.

For dried urine:

If the stain has dried (or close to), then we need to re-hydrate the urine so that it can be removed. The following process should treat the stain and the odour:

1. Sprinkle a liberal amount of bi-carb soda onto the stain

2. Mix 1 cup white vinegar with 2 cups warm water and pour onto the affected area. This should trigger a mini cleaning volcano which helps break down the uric salts and odour causing bacteria

3. Use towels to soak the water up. We suggest using large beach towels folded over several times, add pressure to the affected area to remove as much moisture as possible

4. Sponge with warm water and dry

If the smell still lingers then we suggest using an odour eating enzyme spray such as E-pet Odour Eliminator or a store-bought Enzyme based product for treating urine odours. These products use enzymes to break down the uric salts and odour-causing bacteria. My experience is that they vary in effectiveness and only treat the carpet fibres and not the backing, which is why I prefer the vinegar and bi-carb soda solution.

Unfortunately, if the animal has visited the area on multiple occasions, the urine is likely to have penetrated into the underlay and will be very hard to remove. If your attempts to remove the odour prove unsuccessful, then we suggest calling a carpet cleaner who specialises in odour treatment.


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