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House Cleaning Battles

House Cleaning Battles

Fun Cleaning Fact: 50% of Cohabiting couples argue about cleaning (well, duh?!). But what do they argue about, you ask? 27% argue about WHO should do the cleaning. 24% argue how OFTEN they should clean. 17% argue about HOW to clean. 34% will argue about cleaning products and equipment.

Living together is a constant struggle to adapt to your partner's habits, expectations and eccentricities. Whether we admit it or not, we have our own issues that drive our partners crazy.

Who (27%)

There’s this nasty tradition that quickly points the finger at the woman when the question of who should do the cleaning work is raised. This is not only overly old-fashioned but is downright unfair. A relationship is a partnership and each party needs to pull their own weight. The best plan is often to divide the household duties up so that each person knows what they're responsible for.

When (24%)

Some individuals are total slobs while others are clean freaks, obsessing hopelessly on keeping everything clean and spotless ALL THE FREAKING TIME. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to maintain a clean household, but when the cleaning schedule is either excessive or non-existent it can really impact on a relationship. Talk to your partner and create a fixed schedule for cleaning. Compromise on how clean things should be and avoid comparing your partner to your parents!

How (17%)

Cleaning methods can differ from home to home, heck even professional cleaners have varying cleaning systems they use. A conversation that goes along the lines of this is never going to end well;

Guy: “That’s how my Mum does it!”
Girl: “Well Martha Stewart’s seems to get by doing this way. How many Youtube followers has your Mum got?”

Don’t take cleaning too seriously. We suggest investing in tools that make cleaning easier, but without going crazy buying heaps of crappy cleaning items you'll never use.  Try a good broomstick handle vacuum for carpets and hard floors and a Spray Mop for wooden floors. If you can make cleaning easy then it becomes a lot less stressful. PS: Don't forget the music ... music always makes cleaning easier!

What (34%)

Couples will argue most on the other aspects of house cleaning like what products to use and which equipment works best. Like the HOW section, we recommend choosing some good high-quality cleaning tools to let you get the job done quickly and easily.

Blokes love power tools. It's in our DNA! Apart from the broomstick handle vacuum, we recommend investing in cleaning tools with a motor to keep them on task. A high-pressure cleaner that can be used indoors and outdoors like the Karcher K2 Home Plus Pressure Washer will keep the man of the house happily working on those cleaning jobs all weekend!

Of course, men will like to think they're the brains of the operation and claim some form of expertise when it comes to products and equipment. Unless the hubby is a cleaning technician, he is usually incorrect. Do the research together to determine the best products and equipment for you. This is especially important if you’re purchasing expensive equipment.

Being partners, everything should be a collaboration between you and your significant other. Involving the other in the planning and decision-making will save you the embarrassment of explaining to the judge that you broke up because of a pile of dirty dishes.


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