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Sun Damaged Carpet

Sun Damaged Carpet

One of the issues that the Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning Perth technicians often encounter is sun damaged carpets. The damage is caused by ultraviolet radiation which is emitted from the sun and from fluorescent lights.

How does sun damage happen?

Sun damage or UV damage is most visible when furniture is moved. If furniture has been in the same place for a while, the sun and traffic on the carpet will fade and damage the area around the furniture. When the furniture is moved, this damage and fading can be more clearly seen. This fading and wearing from sunlight and traffic are sometimes shocking to see. Exposure to direct sun can actually “bake” the fibre, brittle it and cause it to decompose. After years of sunlight, the carpet fibre will succumb to the influence and break down. This is why you may sometimes see threadbare carpet in front of sliding glass doors. It’s not just from traffic – it’s been decomposed by the sun.

Unfortunately, no amount of carpet cleaning can repair sun or UV damage.

The Electrodry processes can improve the look ever so slightly, by returning the original chemical balance to the carpet, but the fading and/or decomposition will remain noticeable.

How To Protect Your Carpet From This Sort Of Damage

  • Minimise direct sunlight by using blinds, net curtains or solar tinting on your windows. The less sunlight exposure the less fading that will occur. This is not always viable or  desirable though, as most of us like a light and airy interior.
  • Regularly change the footprint of your furniture layout. Share the load so to speak. Move your furniture around so that the damage is not concentrated in one spot.
  • Use rugs in high traffic areas that are exposed to sunlight to protect the carpet underneath.

These are things that we don’t think of doing but they will increase the longevity of your carpets.

Damage already done? Here are your options.

1. Carpet patching – a professional carpet layer could patch your carpet using off cuts.

2. Colour repair and restoration – it is also possible to have your carpets redyed providing the carpet fibre has retained its integrity. If the fibre has been worn down it may no longer have the capacity to hold the dye. There are specialist colour restorers that you can contact if you wish to attempt this fix.

Regular professional cleaning by Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning will help the carpet maintain the integrity of its fibres and restore the carpet’s original chemical balance. Don’t take your carpets for granted. They are an expensive investment in your home and should be properly maintained so that they retain their value, remain clean and healthy and continue to look and feel good.


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