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Should I Move My Furniture?

Should I Move My Furniture?

One of the top questions customers have when booking a carpet cleaning with Electrodry is about moving their furniture. They want to know what kinds of furniture the technician can move. We have prepared a guideline for you on what furniture can be moved as well as what you can do to prepare your home for the carpet cleaning service.


Please note that Electrodry technicians generally work on their own. We limit them to lift a maximum of 20 kilograms for health and safety reasons. However, larger items can be moved if they are on wheels or can be moved by sliding it from side to side.

Things Your Electrodry Technician Will Move



The weight limit for furniture is 20 kilos or less. This includes things like chairs, coffee tables, bedside drawers, etc.


If it is on wheels, we can move it regardless of whether it's a single or king size bed.


Often associated with a visit to the psychologist, a chaise lounge has become an essential piece in homes that want a versatile piece of furniture. If your Chaise lounge is on wheels or can be easily slid, our technicians can move it for you.

Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning will NOT move the following items:


  • Beds larger than a single-sized bed that are not on wheels;
  • Electrical equipment like TVs or computers. This is because of their fragility, as well as the fact that power chords and power supply units can be hard to handle;
  • Furniture that is flush to the ground. If the furniture is flush to the ground it can’t be put back in place prior to the technician leaving, as the carpet would remain damp. Air needs to be able to circulate so that the carpet dries properly;
  • Bookcases that are filled with books.

In addition to items that need to be moved, we recommend that the customer prepares the space to be cleaned before the technician arrives.

How To Prepare Your Home For The Carpet Cleaning Service:



If you have kids, place all their toys in a toy basket. If the cleaning is to be done in your bedroom, please remove anything you have stored away underneath the bed. Do not place these items on top of your bed if you want to have it moved by the technicians, as this will make it difficult for them to move it.


Remove rugs or mats that are not included in the carpet cleaning.


Move home accessories such as lamps, picture frames or any small items on top of furniture pieces as these may break.


When you move your furniture pieces after a carpet has been cleaned, you expose skirting boards that have been covered up for a while. Dust all the skirting boards before the cleaning service so that you won’t have to after the carpets have been freshly cleaned.

Prepare your home by doing these small things before your Electrodry technician arrives to clean your carpets. The job will run more smoothly, and the furniture that needs to be moved can be done easily.

Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning wants to provide excellent service. Our technicians gain a lot of job satisfaction from leaving their customers happy and their carpets clean!


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