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7 Ways To Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Stunning

7 Ways To Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Stunning


Wood floors are gorgeous. They add character and are easy to look after. The problem with timber floors is that once they start to look dull and worn, no amount of cleaning can bring them back to life.

According to most manufacturers, wood floor coatings are designed to last for 10 years. So why do some floors look dull and worn after 5 years and others still look great after 15 years? The type of coating used and the way it was applied contributes to the life of a wood floor, but it really comes down to how the floor has been looked after.

1. Sweep regularly and use doormats

When you walk over sand and grit on the floor you abrade the coating, causing micro-scratches that dull the floor. Keeping dirt off the floor doesn't just make your house look tidy, it protects the floor!

2. Clean up spills

Over time bacteria can break down or soften the coating on a wood floor. As a Dad with two young kids, I can testify that milk left on a floor for an extended period can leave permanent marks on a floor. This is especially true for water-based floor coatings.

Quick Tip: Spray mops like the Bona™ spray mop are easy to use and very effective – they’re much quicker and easier than using a mop and bucket, so you’re likely to use them more often.

3. Rug Protectors

The backing on most rugs is very coarse and will easily scratch and dull a wood floor. Place a rug protector under your rug to prevent this from happening

4. Felt Pads on Furniture to Prevent Scratches and Wear

These are an easy, cost-effective way to look after your floor. Available from Bunnings or online, they’re easy to apply to your furniture and will prevent scratches and wear. 

5. Minimise Direct Sunlight

UV light will break down the floor coating over time and damage the floor. Use curtains or blinds that go all the way down to the floor.

6. Dry mop

Over-wetting a floor will cause any deep scratches or cracks to go dark as the exposed timber sucks up moisture. Floor coating manufacturers recommend that a wood floor be dry within one minute of cleaning, so spray mops are best.

7. Use Neutral Cleaning Products

High pH cleaning products such as those designed for tiles and bathrooms can soften the coating on your floor causing it to look dull. Products like the Bona Floor Cleaner or Feast and Watson’s Neutral Cleaner are a great way to go.

Is your floor looking a little dull and worn?

Electrodry has developed Timber Refresh for floors that are looking dull and worn. We use the Bona™ Deep Clean system to remove built-up dirt and grime, and we then apply out unique Timber Refresh coating.

Timber Refresh is a thin polyurethane coating that helps bring back your floor’s back original sheen and minimises scratches.

Timber Refresh is amazingly good value at just $99 per room, and because the coating bonds to your floor, the results last for years.

For more information visit Timber Refresh or give us a call on 13 33 79.


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