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6 Tips To Maximise The Re-sale Value Of Your Home

6 Tips To Maximise The Re-sale Value Of Your Home

Published on September 16th, 2019

Your home is your biggest asset, but when it comes time to sell it can be hard to know how to make sure prospective buyers see your house at its best.

It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on renovations that won’t actually increase your sale value. But we’ve done the research to find the changes that will get you ultimate bang for your buck.

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A Doorway to Dollars

A 2018 report by Zillow found that houses with black or charcoal grey front doors sold for $6271 more than expected. While this research was done in the US, the principle runs true: a fresh coat of paint on the entrance to the house can go a long way.

Having your door painted by a professional might cost $80-100+, while if you do it yourself the only cost is a trip to Bunnings and your own time.

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Take an Outsider’s Perspective

Prospective buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your house, but it can be difficult to see your home with a buyer’s eye. Getting your home looked at by a pest and building inspector can help you get to the heart of your home’s flaws and drawcards.

The last thing you want is for problems to appear during the negotiation of a sale when they could give the buyer a strong bargaining point or make them walk away altogether.

Getting your property inspected early on will give you focus for improvements and help you maximise your budget and your time. Understand your property and get ahead of the game.

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Flawless Flooring

The condition of your carpets and floors is something that potential buyers will definitely pay attention to. This makes this a great time to make sure your floors are looking their best.

Timber flooring can add 3-8% to the value of your house, as well as helping it to sell faster, but is only the case if your floors are in good condition.

Remove scratches from wooden floors and get them looking shiny again. If you have worn out or outdated linoleum, consider upgrading to a more modern look.

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Street Appeal

First impressions are a big deal. If buyers like what they see right from the start, they are more likely to take a positive attitude into the interior of your home.

You’ve already made an impact by painting the front door, but take it up a notch by tidying the yard, mowing the grass, and adding some flowering plants and mulch. For a neat look, hide your bins in the garage or behind the house, or ask a neighbour to bin-sit when you have a house inspection.

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Get a Handle on Your Kitchen

If your kitchen and bathroom are looking a bit dated it may put off prospective buyers. But luckily, little changes can make a big difference. Install modern handles on cupboards and drawers, or have your grout recoloured to make your bathroom pop.

In 2018, Zillow reported that houses with tuxedo kitchens sold for over $1500 more than expected. While kitchen trends might have moved on from black bottom cupboards and white top cupboards, having a modern-looking kitchen can seriously increase your sell price.

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Make Space

Prospective buyers want to be able to imagine themselves and their belongings inhabiting your house, so it helps if you don’t have excess junk lying around. Remove clutter and personal belongings and get cleaning.

If you have a house inspection and only a few hours to spare, here is our expert advice on how to clean your house like a professional in just two hours.


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