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4 Hacks for A Highly Organised Home

4 Hacks for A Highly Organised Home

The end of 2020 is looming. And if you’re someone who likes to bring new habits into a new year, we’ve got a great guide to help you finally get your home #organised. Spending extra time at home has never been so satisfying.

4 Ways to Create an Organised Home

1Declutter with decisiveness

An October 2017 report into Australians’ home cleaning habits undertaken by CoreData and published by Choosi found that more than half (51.8%) of respondents said deciding what to get rid of is the biggest challenge while decluttering.

So, while decluttering queen Marie Kondo says to only hold onto things that ‘spark joy’, our advice is a little more practical.

Have you used it within the last year? You’ve gone through four seasons and haven’t worn or barely used it. Might be time to say goodbye.

If you’re still hesitant, pack it away in a sealed box with the date a year later marked. Haven’t touched it after 365 days? Time to say farewell. Just don’t look inside the box – you may be tempted to hold onto items!

You love it. This is where Kondo’s system comes in. Simply put, if holding onto the item makes you happy, brings back a treasured memory or makes you think of a loved someone in your life, it’s worth keeping.

Does it fit my lifestyle? Other than letting clothes that haven’t fit for a while go, we sometimes hold onto things that may not suit our lives anymore. For example, I love books but holding onto hundreds of books (most that I wouldn’t read again) is a big waste of space, especially with everything going digital now.

Other examples may include old gym equipment, old toys and the 10 pairs of high heels you own (when you can’t remember the last time you had a night out).

2Create a Drop-off Zone

Professional organisers call it the command centre – that area of your home where you drop everything when you come home. It can get cluttered easily, with keys, wallets, mail, documents and handbags all dumped in the one spot.

Invest in a document holder to store any bills that come in, buy some hooks for the keys and implement a system for where everything gets put at the end of the day.

A storage cube is a great option. Put one near the door, with special sections for everyone in the home. That way everyone has somewhere to put their shoes, handbag/schoolbag and any other mess. This set-up makes mornings easier as well.

3Contain Your Excitement

In the home organising world, containers (and labels) are king. Here are some great ways you can utilise containers to keep your home organised.

Kids’ Toys. Fabric boxes can help declutter the kids’ play area – you can usually pick smaller ones up at Big W for $7. Categorise each box (colouring in, games and puzzles, role play etc) and get the kids involved. It’s a big win when the younger ones know which box to put their toys back into!

Pantry Planning. Put as many boxed food items as you can into airtight containers to keep things looking neat while keeping them fresh.

While you’re at it, ensure your pantry shelves make sense – food items should be in sections (cooking ingredients, dinner items, snacks, sauces and condiments etc). Embrace your inner organising nerd and invest in matching containers to make the space look even more amazing.

4Don’t Let It Build Up

Life can get busy but taking one minute to shuffle a little mess now can save you time in the future. This is a really simple one. Just do a quick clear up of clutter hotspots around the home part of your nightly ritual before bed, particularly clutter hotspots like the kitchen bench and dining table.

Some final quick tips

These are a few more tips to help you on your home organising journey.

  • Clear out unwanted items before buying storage boxes, not the other way around. This way you’ll know how many and what type of storage boxes you’ll need.
  • Don’t pack items in tightly. You should be able to see things when you go looking in your closet/pantry/wardrobe for them and everything should be in sections that make sense for you.
  • You should be able to tidy your home (or have it looking that way) in under 15 minutes – perfect for being short on time or having unexpected guests. If it takes much longer, your organisational system may need some work.


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