Mould Cleaning

Do you have mould or mildew on the ceiling of your bathroom?


Have you tried to clean the mould/mildew off with domestic cleaning products only to find it return after a few months

Save yourself the frustration and time and book an Electrodry Mould Cleaning service so that you can have confidence that the job is done well.

Electrodry Mould Cleaning offers an affordable, revolutionary mould treatment system.

  • You no longer need to scrub with domestic bleaches
  • No repainting necessary
  • Restores air quality to safe and healthy levels
  • Same day treatment
  • Treatment available for walls, ceilings, furnishings, carpet – anything with mould/mildew
  • Guaranteed for 12 months.*

Mould is a type of microscopic fungus that floats through the air and infects moist areas seeking out its food source of organic matter. It is an allergen and can be harmful to those suffering respiratory ailments. Mould spores are in the air you breathe and at normal levels it is not harmful, but if colonies grow, it can become unsightly and unhealthy and extremely difficult to control. Some moulds create a bi product called mycotoxins. These mycotoxins can have a harmful effect on your body and in extreme cases they have been found to be deadly.

Watch this amazing video all the way to the end to truly understand mould!

The Electrodry Way

In the past, the only recommendation regarding mould has been to remove the infected area completely. The official guidelines on mould states that if infestation has reached 1 sqm, the area has to be completely removed, and as you can imagine, this can be expensive and distressing. The Electrodry Mould Cleaning system will have your mould treated in no time, usually the same day and at a fraction of the cost of other methods.

The Electrodry Mould Cleaning system uses an antimicrobial that follows the same moisture source as the mould spores and effectively eliminates them. In addition, the fog or micro-mist that is sprayed through the affected building will remove 95-100% of the air-borne floating mould spores and prevent re-colonisation.

  • An inspection is undertaken to identify the underlying causes
  • Moisture and humidity measurements are taken
  • Mould is removed using an antimicrobial
  • A fog or micro-mist is sprayed throughout the building to remove air-borne mould spores and return the air quality to safe levels

Insurance Restorations

Electrodry has developed a platform for providing Fire and Water Restoration services nationally. Current methods require that all porous materials that are contaminated with mould MUST be removed, this includes gyprock walls and ceilings, concrete, timber, particle board, MDF, brick, Fibro, Masonite, silicon, cork and leather. The Electrodry method requires little to no invasive procedures and we restore ALL sound structural materials.

In the past, a mould contaminated building could be uninhabitable for weeks, months or even years but this is no longer necessary. The nationally exclusive Electrodry method allows us to complete a remediation in days, dramatically reducing costs and client inconvenience. Mould contaminated facilities that have been condemned by other companies can be successfully remediated by Electrodry Mould Cleaning.

*(guarantee is not applicable to bathrooms and laundry areas and is subject to technician’s recommendations being followed post treatment)

**(subject to inspection)



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