About Us – The Electrodry Story

Over 40 years ago, Paul Burchell was working in a large accounting firm in Sydney when entrepreneurial spirit took hold and he began a business cleaning hotels. When the family moved to Newcastle, he began one of the first carpet steam cleaning companies called Monster Magic. With TV advertisements which featured Paul grinding mud into his mother-in-law’s carpets (and it really was Paul’s mother in law’s carpet) and then cleaning them, the business became well known in Newcastle and the carpet steam cleaning business took off.

electrodry carpet cleaning managing director
Paul Burchell Electrodry Managing Director

Paul sold Monster Magic and set up Electrodry in 1983. In pursuit of a carpet ‘super-clean’ that didn’t leave carpets wet and to develop a unique selling proposition for his new business, Paul worked with chemists in the USA to develop a dry cleaning process for carpets. This new process is exclusive to Electrodry and uses acids, alkalines and heat to neutralize stains. The solvents break down the oils that hold stains to the carpets and totally evaporate once their work is done, leaving no chemical residue. No wet carpets, no heavy machinery, no nasty chemical residue – it was a carpet cleaning revolution! Playing on the concept of a ‘super clean’, the marketing of the business took on the colours and shapes of superman and is still reflected in the brand today.

old Electrodry marketing materials
Some of Electrodry’s early marketing materials

Electrodry became one of the first large Australian cleaning franchises with over 140 franchisees all over the country. Electrodry technicians and franchisees are all professionally trained by the internationally recognized training body of Jena Dyco with Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  The company takes more than 7,000 calls per week and has 35 people working the phones. Around 7 years ago, the Electrodry jingle was developed and continues to be recognized and utilized in today’s advertising campaigns.

new electrodry carpet cleaning ad newsletter
Electrodry’s more recent marketing material

Electrodry is a family business. Paul’s sons work in the company today and the head office is still in the Newcastle suburb of Wallsend, despite the service being available all over Australia. The Burchell family continue to develop new cleaning processes with the latest being a tile and grout cleaning and restoration service. Future developments will see an air conditioning cleaning process that will increase efficiency in house air conditioning units. Other services offered by Electrodry today, include rug cleaning, upholstery and sofa cleaning as well as mattress cleaning. All Electrodry services come with a guarantee and the company is proud to be an industry leader and innovator of new cleaning technologies.