Electrodry Business Systems have been developed, refined and enhanced over many years to ensure that they achieve our Mission statement;

“To develop a network of profitable, sustainable, desirable franchises who exceed customer service expectations on every job for every client.”

By focusing on our business systems, marketing and cleaning processes we have been able to put together a business package that focuses on delivery of customer satisfaction. This results in a truly successful, profitable business for our franchise member

Electrodry only sells franchises in areas that have already had a solid base business established by head office. The franchisee then purchases a franchise with huge potential, guarantee of work and all at a reasonable entrance price. Occasionally a franchisee will wish to sell their franchise and when this happens, Electrodry will provide assistance in the sale.

Call 1300 13 27 13 for an information booklet and to find out what franchises are available.

Tried and Tested

A franchised business is one that has been tried and tested in the market place. With over 100 franchises throughout Australia the Electrodry business model has been tried and tested over and over again. The success of the business model provides a fantastic base from which to build a rewarding, profitable franchise.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition comes when a business has considerable market penetration. As an individual starting a small business this is very difficult and expensive to achieve. Electrodry is the most recognisable name in carpet cleaning in Australia with over 25 years of consistent, national marketing.

Franchise Support Systems

Electrodry works with our franchisees to ensure the growth and success of their business with dedicated support personnel. The ongoing support and infrastructure supplied from our head office keeps our franchisees up to date with what is going on in the market place in terms of product information, marketing and business administration. We also organise on-going training for our franchise members.

Reduced Costs of Purchasing Supplies and Equipment

Electrodry’s buying power and improvements in product efficiency can supply franchisees with cleaning products, equipment and chemicals up to 20% less than normal retail rates. We are committed to passing on these savings to our franchisees.


Through innovation, experience and purchasing power Electrodry has developed very strong brand awareness in the market place. With a $6 million annual marketing budget across tv, print, direct mail and digital marketing that includes a strong on-line presence, large e-mail database and large social media following we achieve significant reach and the best possible value to our franchisees.

The “13” Telephone Number

The 13-telephone number is a national number that can have multiple answering locations which means that calls are localised but we only need to advertise one number nationally.


as Electrodry is a national company, when an Electrodry customer moves to a different town they do not need to look for a new carpet cleaner but will be able to use the local Electrodry franchisee. This quickly adds to your client base.