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All About The Electrodry Franchise

About Electrodry

What services does Electrodry offer?

Electrodry offers a unique carpet dry cleaning service that removes more stains than any other system and leaves the carpet walk-on dry.

We also offer upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and air conditioner cleaning services (not in all areas), all of which incorporate Healthguard™, a sanitiser that eliminates germs and bacteria as well as achieving amazing cleaning results. Electrodry is always evolving and we have expanded our service to wood floors with our Timber Refresh and floor sanding service.

Electrodry is much more than just carpet cleaning!

How many years has Electrodry been in business?

Electrodry started in 1983, making us more than 35 years old. Find out more about The Electrodry Story.

Fees & Contributions

How much is an Electrodry franchise?

It depends on the location and its previous trading history. A franchise purchased from the franchisor will generally be $42,000 plus GST, plus van and equipment. The purchase price is payable in 2 installments, with $32,000 up front and $10,000 after 1 year so that you can save part of the purchase price from the operation of the business.

If an existing franchise is being purchased from a franchisee then the purchase price will vary depending on the trading history of the business.

How much is the franchise fee and what do I receive for my royaltee fees?

The franchise fee is 10% of the turnover of the business. The franchise fee allows you the right to use the Electrodry business name and the cleaning systems. This fee also contributes to the ongoing development of the Electrodry business.

Electrodry also charges an administration fee which is 9% of turnover. This fee covers answering calls and making bookings, fielding social media enquiries, inbound calls from customers on 13 numbers, maintenance and development of the Electrodry bookings system and apps, and Electrodry support staff. This fee may be reduced by $150 per week if the franchisee takes their own calls.

Is there an advertising contribution and, if so, what type of advertising and promotional support will I receive?

The advertising contribution is up to 21% of turnover and covers TV advertising, full colour brochures, shop-a-docket coupons, PPC, Yellow Online and social media marketing.

If you become part of a business referral group that helps grow your business then the advertising contribution will drop to 18% of turnover.

Starting Out

Is there a training program and, if so, what type of training will I receive?

You will receive 2 weeks of hands on training with a franchise member in your local area and 3 days training at our head office in Newcastle. Each franchise member will undertake 2 courses with the IICRC (International Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which is an international training and certification body. The IICRC courses help provide the knowledge to turn each franchise member into an industry expert.

Electrodry also conducts training for its franchise members in all major cities.

Is the franchisee required to purchase equipment, product, or supplies directly from Electrodry?

The Electrodry cleaning system is unique to Electrodry and, as such, all cleaning products and some marketing materials must be purchased from Electrodry.

Electrodry stocks and sells most other items required for running an Electrodry business at very cost-effective rates, although purchasing through us is not compulsory.

What is the length of my franchise agreement?

The franchise agreement is for 10 years, renewable for a further 10 years subject to the payment of a renewal fee and a few other requirements that are covered in your franchise agreement.

How soon after approval can I expect to start cleaning carpets?

We can have you on the road and starting the training process almost immediately.

What experience do I need to operate an Eectrodry franchise?

There is no experience required to be an Electrodry franchisee. Our franchise members come from many different backgrounds. It is important that each franchise member has a strong determination to succeed, enjoys dealing with the public and is prepared for some physical work.

More About My Franchise

Can I sell the rights to my franchise?

Yes, many Electrodry franchises have been sold and some with very substantial capital gains. This is one of the greatest advantages of an Electrodry franchise.

Can I own more than one franchise?

Yes, one of our most successful franchise members are multiple franchise owners.

Why should I purchase an Electrodry franchise?

An Electrodry franchise is ideal for someone wanting to take control of their life, gain some economic freedom, and reap the rewards of their own efforts. There are very few businesses that can deliver the same financial return as an Electrodry franchise for the establishment cost involved.

This opportunity is ideally suited to someone willing to put in the hard work and commit to their business. In return, you will receive internationally recognised training, administrative support and financial independence.

How much can I expect to earn from my franchise?

The profit from an Electrodry franchise depends on the efforts of the franchisee. Each franchise territory has a documented turnover history and we have included several cash flow scenarios in the Franchise Information Book that should give some insight into what a franchisee can make from an Electrodry business.

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