Don’t Be That Smelly Friend, 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Dog Odour

A good friend of mine walked through the door and pulled no punches when she good humorously remarked that my place smelt like a barnyard. I initially thought she was kidding but when I questioned her she shook her head and laughed.

I like to think my home as warm, clean and odour free but the truth is that our pet Fuzzy leaves a trail of stinky smells that we have become used to over time. Our poor guests must pinch their noses and dread any type of invite to spend time at the Brown’s place.

The good news is that it is relatively easy fix and I am on the war path to removing all sources of bad odour.

Bathe & Groom

Our much-loved pooches need to be regularly cleaned if we are to keep those stinky smells at bay. My girls love shampooing and brushing Fuzzy, so it’s part of their monthly list of chores and is always a laugh. The hardest part is catching poor Fuzzy as she isn’t that keen on getting wet. Once done, we will rinse her off, then give her a quick dry before she shakes it off and runs around the yard.

Keeping it clean

Fuzzy’s like the 3rd child in our house and spends most of the time inside. The most important tip to stop your home smelling like a doghouse is to keep it clean. This means:

  • Vacuum the lounge, carpet and hard floors regularly to remove any dog hair.
  • Wash the dog bed and dog blanket once a week
  • Have the carpet and lounge professionally cleaned regularly. This is necessary to remove the oil from the pet-hair that holds a lot of odour.

Odour Eaters for Pet Accidents

It is a well-known fact that our pets like to urinate in the same spot. Pet urine contains uric salts that sits in the carpet and carpet backing. The uric salts attract moisture and foster bacterial growth. It’s the off gas from the bacteria that causes the horrible, pesky pet odours that just seem to keep coming back.

Here’s what we suggest you try:

  • Use an enzyme based pet odour remover. One we recommend is “urinefree” (
  • Mask the odour with an air freshener such as ambi-pur
  • Professional cleaning to treat the source of the urine odour. Electrodry can inject a product into the carpet and underlay to remove the bacteria and dissolve the uric salts

If you have a chronic issue in a particular room then you may need to look at replacing the carpet.



Flatulence, I have said it. There is nothing more embarrassing than having Fuzzy in the corner dropping bombs and having to watch your guests nose twitch from side to side with the disagreeable pong.

A lot of the dog food on the market consists of fatty acids high in starches that don’t give our furry friends the nutrition they really need. Look to switch your pet to a more natural diet and stay away from milk products and any spicy foods.

Beds & Collars

The pungent smell of a dog collar or bed is off-putting to the most hardened dog lover. Consider getting a bed that has anti-microbial properties with fabric strong enough to be washed often. Additionally look to change your dog’s collar every few years and wash it regularly. When doing a wash look to use vinegar or baking soda mixed in to help kill the bacteria

Fresh and clean isn’t always the first way people will describe a home with a dog but with these 5 tips you should not have any problems.

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