Carpet Cleaning Products

As well as dry cleaning, your technician can supply you with some great care products that will prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery. Your technician will happily inform you of these upholstery and carpet cleaning products and you can conveniently purchase them then and there.

E-Pet Pet Odour Eliminator

Specially formulated to neutralise odours and eliminate bacteria. When applied correctly, this product will remove the odour caused by continuous pet visits and deoderise the area with a pleasant fragrance that will disguise the problem and reduce visits to the area by the pet/s. Only $25.

Electro 3

Electro 3 is a spot and stain removal product that the experts use and can be used safely and effectively in your own home. Electro 3 comes in a 500ml spray bottle that will last for years. At $25 it's a great investment.

Electro 3 Safety Data Sheet

Leather Care Kit

In case of mild soiling, a maintenance program may be more appropriate for your lounge suite. In such cases we can supply a leather care and maintenance kit including a leather cleaner, conditioner and protector for just $39.95.

Perky Rake

The ideal tool to make your carpet look soft and fluffy - get rid of that tracked worn appearance. With Perky Rake your carpet will always look like it has just been professionally cleaned! Only $39.