7 Tips To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient And Environmentally Friendly For Under $50

With global warming and record temperature becoming a harsh reality of life, it’s important that we all do our part to help our planet. These cost-efficient tips can help you reduce your carbon footprint and help out the ecosystem in your area, while also saving you money along the way!

Use Solar Light Bulbs

Cost: From $10

These are absolutely incredible, and save you so much money on power bills. They are a great alternative for people who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on solar panels. Simply leave the lightbulb in the sun for the day, then bring it inside and use the clip to hook it anywhere in the house. You’ll get free light with zero emissions for up to 6 hours a night with the bulbs lasting roughly ten years!

Plant some Plants!

Cost: $0 – 

Not only are they pretty, but they are so beneficial to our environment, sucking up carbon dioxide and putting out fresh oxygen into the air. Keeping plants around your yard, porch or windowsills is a great way to give the area a fresh feel.  From flowers to herbs, shrubs to succulents, there’s an option to suit everyone!

Plant A Tree!

Cost: $0 – $100

If you can, go one better than a shrub and plant a tree that can provide shade, preferably on the north or west side of your home. A shady tree can cut your cooling costs by up to 25%

Leave Out A Water Dish!

Cost: $0 – $10

We have fans and air conditioning, but animals feel the heat too! Pop a water dish outside so the birds, bees and bugs can have a refreshing drink and continue their roles in the ecosystem.

Seal The Gaps!

Cost: $0 – $20

The Australian government estimates that air leakage accounts for 15-25% of heat loss in buildings in winter and contributes to a significant loss of coolness in from Air-conditioners in summer. A bit of caulking will seal gaps in windows or around wall penetrations like cables and pipes. A small investment in draught proofing for doors will have a huge impact as well, there’s lots of fixed and temporary draught proofing options available

Tint the Windows!

Cost: From $30 per square metre

Block the heat and ultraviolet light from the sun with window tinting. From $20 per metre, easy to install window tinting can be purchased from Bunnings and or your local hardware store. The key to installation is the preparation; a clean surface is essential for the tint to adhere to. If you feel like doing it yourself, here is an instructional video on how to install window films.

Make A Compost Bin!

Cost: $0 – $200

When food is dumped into landfill it creates extremely toxic methane gas which is roughly 25x more dangerous than the exhaust fumes from your car! Creating a compost bin minimizes the environmental impact, and will also help feed your plants or lawn all the yummy nutrients they need.

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